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...Yeah. This is what happened.

Last night, when it's around 10:30 PM, my left ear starts to ring. I thought it'd end after I take a rest and go to sleep, but it's still going on, and it's 3:11 PM here.

I did a little research on Tinnitus, and the informations I found really disturbed me. Since what I've found either said it might be the symptom of some terrible diseases or permanent damage on hearing(which doesn't disturb me as much as the other one), or it's said to be incurable.

It's kinda creeping me out, since it can either be something minor and can be cured easily(since there are two types of tinnitus, one of them is curable through medicine), or it might be cancer in the worst case.

So... I'm leaving this here just for you guys to know what happened to me lately. I hope it'll be fine.

Thank you guys for reading this.


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Lineless Cleargaze! by P4ND4-ST4R
((Thank you :iconp4nd4-st4r:))
Here... by Pazlin

Call me Paz/Pazzy for short!

Thank you for visiting my page, you're awesome~ OwO
So, I'm Pazlin, I draw cute/vent arts, Minecrafty and Pokemons, and some scribbles. :3

Facebook: Alex Chen…

Steam: Pazlin…

Skype Name : Pazlin

Icon board:
If anyone make me an icon, he/she will be show here ^^

Pazlin gif icon by VictiniBaumbs: Icon made by :iconvictinibaumbs:, Thank you so much!
GIF thingy by Pazlin Icon made by me :3

My friends on DA:
:iconmahsira: Mahsira - His arts can really amazes you, it is extremely cute 0w0
:icondillydraws: Dillyvids - He's very kind and caring, I really love him! As brothers! >w<
:iconkirrinthekirlia: KirrinTheKirlia - She has cute art style, and will help you when you're in need :3
:iconp4w3s0m3-cl4wz: Crystal200 - One of my best friend on DA, she's really kind X3
:iconjazz-handz: TinguxD - He is awesome, he helped me a lot to pass those bad days <:3
:iconreunettue: bee-bee69483 - Her arts are cute, I really love her arts XD
:iconlittlerubykitty: littlerubykitty - Her arts is awesome, sometimes I'll be attracted by her arts ^w^
:iconmaclainb: maclainb - I don't really know that much about him, but I really like him :D
:iconrichardksj: richardksj - The one who makes me want to stay in DA >w<
:iconalliyah-the-vulpix: Alliyah-The-Vulpix - My first watcher, her arts is awesome too owo
:iconshinyhunterf: ShinyHunterF - She have a lot of amazing arts, I want to draw as well as her o3o
:iconhebi95: Hebi95 - He's really caring, he helped me to go through a lot of sad times ^w^
:iconchiibiicecil: ChiibiiCecil - She's very nice, I love her art style, also I think she deserve more watchers XD
:iconzach-usa: Zach-USA - He's cool, I never thought he will help me, but he really helped me a lot >w<
:iconwelrdo:: DJ-Lightning-Adopts - She is really caring, helped me to get through those bad days <:3
:iconlinzoreborn: LinzoReborn - He is kinda cool, he have a lot of awesome OCs :D
:iconraichu-lover400: Raichu-Lover400 - She's one of my bestest friend, and I really love to spend my time with her, she is really important to me. 0w0
:iconpaintingtree: PaintingTree - He is awesome, not only with his arts, he is also very nice and caring >w0
:iconpickleplayer: PicklePlayer - I like this guy, he is very nice, I'm happy when I'm RP with him :3
:icondanielle2002: Danielle2002 - She is a nice girl that always helping the other out, also she is a really great friend too. 0u0
:iconshiney38: shiney38 - She is a nice listener, cheerer, and a great friend. Thank you for considering me as your friend. 0w0


Request: Closed
Art Trade: Opened for now
Commission: Open to negotiation
About request,you can request me to draw your Character and/or my Character ^^
Ask me for it tnx :3
I finally release the art trade!Just ask me for the art trade in the comment widget,I'll accept if I can.
It all free, no need for commission :3



Late late Easter Bunny
Well... This was actually finished before Easter, but I forgot to post it ^^;

Honestly, I've got couple of things done in the past weeks, but I wasn't very active on DeviantArt ovo;
I started to post arts on Tumblr as well, the name of it is completely the same to my DeviantArt name. ^v^

Hope you guys like it~
Gaghiel [Gift]
A gift for the amazing :icondiives:, I hope you like it!

I've been quite a fan of his art, the animations he made are so smooth and his style(especially the style of this certain Mawile) is absolutely adorable! I've been trying to get myself be more productive with arts, so I decided to make something. Since I haven't draw any gift for a long time now, drawing this is actually quite fun to do!

Anyway, enough of me babbling, I hope you all like it~!
Tea Party
Here's a little pic of Natureheart having a tea party with Arceus~

This one is actually a practice, since I really liked it, I feel like it's fine to post it here. owo

Anyway, based on the lore I had in my head, the rulers in that certain region are blessed by Deities, and will be granted prolonged life and youth if they keep the kingdom prosperous and strong. Princess Natureheart has been ruling the Kingdom of Renewal for over a thousand years, given by the ability she has, and the love for the kingdom she rules. As time goes on, the relation between her and Gods is closer and closer.
In this practice, she's even asking if Arceus feels close to someone, such as Giratina owo
(And Giratina in my story is more of a friendly enemy for Arceus, who "hates" him but doesn't want him to be gone.)

I hope you all like it, and the extremely peaceful backstory of my world that has been stuck in my head for a while~!


Alright, this is my first critique so don't judge me plz. Vision: I just really need to say this one is really cute~ I can't resist cut...


:iconfansofundertale: :iconmincraftians: :iconpmdunity: :icongiantpokemonrpandart:



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Phanto-Katt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you get better soon. :c
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hey Paz, it's been a long while right? just wanted to stop by <:3
Zach-USA Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017
hey........great works........I uh........I'm sorry to hear about your tinnitus
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Heyo! Pazlin, what's up?
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Hey I looked at your art and it is very cute:squee:  I am giving you a watch now.
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Hello, how are you?
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Maybe good?
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Happy belated new year :3
Just dropping by, I want to say you improved alot with your art. Keep it up! >w<

(Currently cleaning out my watcher list, and after seeing your name I needed to take a look. Don't worry, I don't unwatch you x3)
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BushArtist Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Excuse me, Pazlin. May I please ask you something?
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To,we haven't talk for a while huh?
Well Happy New Year!
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Hai, kip~! :aww:

What happens if Calmrrent meets Guardie? x3
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Hey hey, cute art style you got there, buddeh. :)
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We need to talk
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Found you
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heya Alex..... whats up?
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